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This page provides links to recipes using sheep and goat products. Recipe links are listed alphabetically by category: general links, recipe collections, cookbooks, and nutritional information.

General links

American Lamb Board (ALB) | Recipe search | Facebook
Australian Lamb
Beef + Lamb New Zealand
Fans of Lamb
Lean On Lamb - Tri-Lamb Group (US-NZ-Aust)
New Zealand Lamb Canada
Ontario Fresh Lamb

Recipe collections

[PDF] Chevon recipes from American Meat Goat Association
Chevon recipes from Copeland Family Farms LLC
Dakota Lamb
Goat cheese recipes @ Redwood Hill Farm
[PDF] Goat meat recipes from Blue Slope
Goat meat recipes from Clear Creek Farms
Lamb Recipes (.org)
Lamb recipes @ A View of America
Lamb recipes from Case-Ag World
Lamb recipes from
Lamb recipes @
Lamb recipes from Finest Chef
Lamb recipes @ Simply Recipes®
Lamb recipes from What's Cooking America
Lamb recipes on iChef
Lamb slideshow at bon appetit
Meat goat recipes from Jack & Anita Maudlin
Mutton recipes from Vintage Recipes
Recipes @ Catherine's for Lamb
Recipes @ Great American Lamb Company
Sheep's Creek Farm Lamb Recipes
Superior Farms - Mountain States Rosen


Australian-Lamb Any Day Easy Day Cookbook
Caprine Cookbook at
[PURCHASE] Getting your goat: the gourmet guide
[PDF] ISBA Lamb Recipe Booket Request Form
Lamb Lover's Cookbook | @ Cafe Press

Cooking and handling

[PDF] Goat from farm to table - USDA FSIS
[PDF] Lamb from farm to table - USDA FSIS

Nutritional information

[PDF] Goat meat in human nutrition - Univ Pretoria, S.A.
Meat nutrition facts: lamb - Wegmans
Nutrient content of lamb - Lean On Lamb
Nutritional value of sheep milk - by George Haenlein
Nutritive value of goat meat - Alabama Extension | PDF
[PPT] Nutritive value of goat meat and milk in humans
USDA nutrient data laboratory
Use of goat milk and goat meat as therapeutic aids...

Aleppo-style ground lamb kabobs
Aleppo-style ground lamb kabobs