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Miscellaneous diseases

The diseases on this page do not fit into any general categories. They are listed alphabetically: abomasal emptying defect, abscesses, cold stress, dental disease, eye diseases, heat stress, hernias, rectal prolapse, and spider lamb syndrome.

Abomasal emptying defect

Abomasal emptying defect of sheep - Flock & Herd Case Notes
[PDF] Abomsal emptying defect of sheep may be acquired form...
Johne's and other wasting diseases of sheep - NADIS UK | PDF


Abscesses - Onion Creek Ranch
Abscesses: should you worry? - Myotonic Goat Registry
Caseous lymphadenitis -- go to Bacterial disease page
[PDF] Foot abscess in sheep - NSW, Australia

Cold stress

[WORD] Alpacas and hypothermia (cold stress) - Alpacas VicWest
Avoiding weather-induced deaths of goats - Australia Cashmere Goat Assoc.
[PDF] Cold stress as it affects animal prodution - J Anim Sci
[PDF] Cold stress in lambs - National CVM Conservancy
Cold weather goat care - Dairy Goat Journal
Hypothermia -- go to Lamb and Kid Disease Page
[PDF] Ruminant cold stress: effect on production - J Anim Sci
Spray-on coat leaves shorn sheep happy come rain or shine - The Guardian
Understanding cold stress in livestock - Southern States
Winter goat management -

Dental disease

[PDF] Dental problems of water buffaloes, feedlot cattle, and goats...
Fluorosis in sheep - Queensland, Australia
[PDF] Studies on management of dental root abscesses ... domestic animals
Teeth and teeth problems - LifeStyle Block NZ
Tooth problems in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF

Eye diseases

Entropion (inverted eyelid) -- go to lamb and kid diseases
[YouTube] Entropion/turn-in eyelid in lambs - Farmer's Weekly
Eye diseases in sheep - NADIS UK | PDF
Flickr™ group: eye problems by Susan Schoenian
Pinkeye -- go to Bacterial disease page

Heat stress

Avoiding heat and cold stress in transported sheep- Ontario, Canada
Breaching heat stress comfort zones - Kinne's Mini's
Caring for animals during extreme heat - Victoria, Australia | PDF
Heat and sheep - Lavender Fleece
[PDF] Heat stress (scroll down) - National Goat Handbook
Heat stress and sheep - Sheep! Magazine
[PDF] Heat stress in Ruminants - Organic Centre Canada
Heat stress in sheep and goats by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Heat stress, fairs ... animal considerations - SDSU
Heat stress goats -
[PDF] Heat stress in ruminants - Organic Ag Center of Canada
[PDF] Physiological traits as affected by heat stress in sheep: a review
[PDF] Water, heat stress, and drought - ATTRA


[PDF] Congenital umbilical defect in kid with intestinal evisceration
Learning about umbilical hernias - Sheep! Magazine
Flickr™ image: Scrotal hernia (congenital) by Susan Schoenian
Flickr™ image: Scrotal hernia by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Surgical diseases of the neonate - IVIS
[PDF] Surgical treatment for different forms of hernias in sheep and goats

Rectal prolapse

Barn cough - rectal prolapse - Daneke Club Lambs
[PDF] Causes, prevention, and treatment of rectal prolapse in sheep | HTML
[PDF, M.S. thesis] The effects of dock length ... rectal prolapse in lambs
[PDF] Length of tail dock and incidence of rectal prolapse in lambs
Rectal prolapse: a complex problem with many . . . by Susan Schoenian
Rectal prolapse and tail docking articles - Daneke Club Lambs
[PDF] Rectal prolapse in lambs - University of Tennessee
Vaginal and uterine prolapses -- go to Reproductive Problems Page

Spider lamb syndrome

[PDF] Identifying sheep genetically free of spider lamb syndrome - SDSU
Spider lamb disease (hereditary chondrodysplasia) - Purdue class project
Spider lamb syndrome - Daneke Club Lambs
[Image] Spider lamb syndrome - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Spider lamb syndrome - Purdue Univ. class project
[PDF] Scrapie and spider lamb syndrome - Emsoff Livestock Company
[PDF] Spider syndrome - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] The test for spider lamb syndrome gene in sheep - NDSU

Horned Dorset
     Horned Dorset ram lamb