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Management practices

There are many common and routine management practices that are performed on sheep and goat farms. The need for such practices varies by farm, circumstances, and production system. This page contains links pertaining to age determination (mouthing), blood sampling, body condition scoring, drenching, ear tagging, giving injections, identification, scoring, tattooing, and weight determination. Links pertaining to disbudding, docking, castrating and tube feeding are available on the Lamb and Kid Care page.

Basic farm animal husbandry skills -

Age determination (mouthing)

Aging goats by teeth - Woolshed 1 blog
Goat teeth -
How to estimate the age of sheep and goats - SmallStock in Development
[PDF] How to tell the age of a sheep - NSW, Australia
[PDF] How to tell the age of goats - NSW, Australia
How to tell the age of goats - Australian Cashmere Association
[PDF] Mouth formation - Judging Connection
Sheep farm husbandry: teeth - Wool Shed 1 blog
Teeth and age of the goat - Cornell University
Teeth and teeth problems - LifeStyle Block NZ
Teeth pictures from My Flickr™ by Susan Schoenian
[SlideShare] Teeth, tags, and a TSE by Susan Schoenian
Tooth chart/goat's age - Sleepy Z Goat Farm

Blood sampling

Blood draw information in sheep - Iowa State University
Blood drawing - Dairy Goat Care and Management
[PDF] Blood sampling in sheep - Purdue University
Drawing blood: pictorial guide - GoatConnection
Guidelines for blood collection from experimental animals
How to blood test your goats - Boer Goats Home

Body condition scoring

Body condition scores in goats - Langston University
[PDF] Body condition scoring for milk goats - Ubisi Mail Mag
Body condition scoring helps breeders evaluate condition...
[PDF] Body condition scoring in farm animals - Purdue University
[PPT] Body condition scoring in farm animals - University of Kentucky
Body condition scoring in meat goats - Penn State University
[YouTube] Body condition scores in goats
Body condition score of sheep and goat - Ethiopia SGPIP
[PDF] Body condition scoring of sheep - Oregon State University
[PDF] Body condition scoring of sheep - Penn State University
[PDF] Body condition scoring of sheep and goats - Western Australia
[PDF] Body condition scoring of sheep and goats - Australian Boer Goat
Body condition scoring Pygmy goats - Kinne's Mini's
Body condition scoring in goats - SmallStock in Development
Body condition scoring of sheep - SmallStock in Development recommended
Condition scoring of ewes - Case AgWorld
[PDF] Fat scoring sheep and lambs - NSW Australia
Goat body condition score introduction - eXtension
[PDF] The importance of body condition scoring your ewes and rams
[PDF] Monitoring the body condition of meat goats - NCSU
[PDF] Sheep body condition scoring - Tasmania, Australia
[PDF] What's the score: sheep body condition... - Alberta, Canada


[PDF, poster] Correct drenching procedures - Meat/Wool NZ recommended
[PDF] Do you drench correctly? - SCOPS DEFRA UK
Drenched -
Drenching - Daneke Club Lambs
Drenching a ewe - Pipestone Vet Clinic
How do I drench a goat? - Ag Research Council, South Africa
[YouTube] N.J. Phillips drench guns

Ear tagging

[PDF] Ear tagging of goats and sheep - Goat Vet Society
[PDF] Ear tag FAQs - Premier 1 Sheep Supplies recommended
Ear tagging goats - Australian Cashmere Goat Association
Ear tagging simplified - Onion Creek Ranch
[PDF] Identifying lambs to their mothers - Western Australia
[PDF] Livestock tagging - Oklahoma State University
Sheep identification systems - University of Kentucky
Tagging with Temple tags - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[SlideShare] Teeth, tags, and a TSE by Susan Schoenian

Giving injections

Giving injections - InfoVets
[PDF] Giving injections to sheep and goats - Ethiopia SGPIP
Giving medication to livestock by injection - Ontario, Canada
Giving shots and injections - GoatWorld
How to give an injection - Hoegger Goat Supply
How to give injections - Daneke Club Lambs
IM injection: sheep standing - University of Guelph
Injections-goat -
Injections made easy - Onion Creek Ranch
Injection site blemishes - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF
[PDF] Injection site management - University of Arkansas
Injection techniques - Wool Shed 1 blog recommended
Subcutaneous injection -Pipestone Vet Clinic

Hoof trimming

To to Hoof Care Page.


Applying identification to sheep and goats - DEFRA UK
[PDF] Ear notching - University of California
Identification and record keeping: Sheep 201 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Identification options - Pipestone Vet Clinic
[PDF] Livestock identification: a comparison of electronic ID systems
Sheep identification - Purdue University class project
Sheep identification systems - University of Kentucky


[PDF] Visual sheep Scores - Meat & Livestock Australia


How to tattoo - Hoegger Goat Supply
How to tattoo a goat in the tail - Fias Co Farm
How to tattoo kid goats - Cornell University
Successfully tattooing goats - Bar None Meat Goats
Tattooing - American Goat Society
Tattooing -
[PDF] Tattooing - Pipestone Vet Clinic
Tattooing goats - Penn State University
[PDF] Tattooing of cattle and goats - University of Arkansas recommended

Weight determination

Animal weight calculations - Tractor Supply Company
[PDF] Appropriate model for the estimation of body weight in goats
[PDF] Goat production: the role of liveweight scales - NSW, Australia
Goat weight chart - Fias Co Farm
Guessing isn't good enough - Kinne's Mini's
[PDF] How much does your animal weigh? - University of Arizona
[PDF] Live weight and chest girth correlation... - Int J Morphol.
[PDf] Walk-over weighing: train sheep to weigh themselves

Deworming lambs
All producers need to be proficient at drenching.