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Meat: lamb, mutton, and chevon

Lamb and mutton are the meat of domestic sheep. The meat from an animal less than one year of age is lamb; that of an older sheep is mutton. Goat meat is often called chevon when it is from an adult goat and cabrito or kid when it is from a young animal. While the per capita consumption is very low in the United States, sheep and goat meat are widely consumed in many parts of the world. On this page, links are arranged alphabetically according to subject category: butchering, food safety, goat meat, grading standards, lamb (sheepmeat), meat inspection, meat quality, and nutrition.


44 step guide to butchering a lamb carcass
[PDF] Automatic stunning, slaughtering and dressing of sheep
[YouTube] Cutting a whole lamb
Goat butchering day: graphic photo documentary - Howling Duck Ranch
How to butcher a lamb - Instructables
Killing and butchering a sheep - Country SmallHolding

Food safety

Basics for handling food safely - USDA FSIS | PDF
Goat from farm to table - USDA FSIS | PDF
Lamb from farm to table - USDA FSIS | PDF | In Spanish
User's guide to lamb meat - Purdue University

Goat meat

[PDF] Effect of breed type and feeding regime on goat carcass traits
[PDF] Goat meat in human nutrition - University of Pretoria
[PDF] Goat primal cuts
[PDF] Growth and slaughter traits of Boer x Spanish ... J. Anim. Sci.
Meat and offal yields of goats - Victoria, Australia | PDF
[PDF] Meat goat carcass evaluation - University of Maryland by Susan Schoenian
Meat goat carcass fabrication for case ready product

Grading standards

[PDF] Carcasses and cuts of lamb and goats
[PDF] Fresh goat IMPS
[PDF] Fresh lamb and mutton IPMS
[PDF] Goat grade examples - University of Kentucky
[PDF] Grading of slaughter lambs
[PDF] Lamb carcass evaluation - University of Wisconsin
Market lamb yield grade table
[PDF] Meat goat grades - NC Dept. of Agriculture recommended
[PDF] Meat goat selection, carcass evaluation, and fabrication guide recommended
[PDF] Meat inspection and grading - Oklahoma State University
[PDF] Slaughter goat grading
[PDF] Strategies for producing USDA yield grade 2 lambs
[PDF] Understanding yield grades for beef and lamb - Colorado State University
[PDF] U.S. standards for grades of lamb, yearling, and mutton carcasses
[PDF] U.S. standards for slaughter lambs, yearlings, and sheep
[PDF] Yield grades and quality grades for lamb carcasses

Lamb, sheepmeat

B-mode, real-time ultrasound for estimating carcass measures...
[IMAGE] Cuts of lamb
[PDF] Evaluation of electronic technology to assess lamb carcass...
An evaluation of the lamb vision system as a predictor...
[PDF] A hedonic model of lamb carcass attributes - University of Minnesota
[IMAGE] Lamb basic cuts - Meat Livestock Australia
[PDF] Lamb carcass evaluation - University of Wisconsin
[IMAGE] Lamb cuts
[PDF] Lamb primal cuts
Lamb cuts and what to do with them - Purdue University class project
[PDF] Relationship of feeder lamb frame size to... - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Retail and wholesale cuts of lamb
[IMAGE] Retail cuts of lamb
[ONLINE QUIZ] Test your knowledge of lamb cuts by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Using video imaging to identify lamb cuts - Meat/Wool NZ
[PDF] Yield grade and carcass weight effects on the cutability...

Meat inspection

Federal Meat Inspection Act | @ FDA
Manual on meat inspection for developing countries
Meat inspection - Purdue University
Meat inspection - Texas A&M University
[PDF] Meat inspection and grading -Oklahoma State University

Meat quality

[PDF] Conformation and meat eating quality in sheep - SAC
[PDF] Determinants of meat quality - Cambridge Journal
Eating quality of Australian lamb - Ontario, Canada
[PDF] Eating quality of mutton compared to lamb ... J. Anim. Sci.
[PDF] Effect of animal and nutritional factors on lamb meat quality
[PDF] Effect of breed and age on sheepmeat eating quality - MLA
[PDF] Effect of finishing on goatmeat eating quality - MLA
[PDF] Effect of sex and carcass weight on sensory quality of goat meat...
[PDF] Effect of rearing system on meat quality in young kids
[PDF] Effect of electric stimulation on meat quality in goat carcasses
Factors affecting goat carcass yield and quality - GoatWorld
[PDF] Factors affecting the palatability of lamb - Univ. Wisconsin recommended
[PDF] Improving meat eating quality for beef and sheep - SAC
[PDF] Managing glycogen to improve meat quality in lamb and sheepmeat
[PDF] Manpulating meat quality and composition - Cambridge Journal
[PDF] Meat eating quality: a whole chain approach - Scotland
Meat Quality - Red Meat Industry Forum (UK)
[PDF] Omega-3 and CLA naturally enhanced... of lamb meat
[PDF] Processing factors affecting sheep meat quality - CSIRO Australia
[PDF] Producing quality sheep meat - CSIRO, Australia
[PDF] Quality of goat meat from Alpine and Boer crossbreds
Quality sheep meat series - SheepCRC Australia
Relationship between good handling/stunning and meat quality...
[PDF] The sensory quality of lamb produced in different rearing...
[PDF] Serving up what the customer wants - NSW, Australia
[PDF] Sheep meat eating quality - CSIRO, Australia


[PDF] CLA implications for animal production and human health
Fresh American Lamb: Sheep 101 by Susan Schoenian
[PDF] Goat meat in human nutrition - DAFF South Africa
Lamb: good for you - Purdue University class project
[PDF] Lamb meat: nutrition - Alberta Lamb
Lamb nutrition - Superior Farms
[PDF] Meat nutrition facts (lamb) - Wegmans
Nutritional facts for chevon - Waltz's Ark
Nutritive value of goat meat - Alabama Coop. Extension | PDF

Carcass evaluation
   Goat carcasses from meat goat performance test.