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Welcome to the Maryland Small Ruminant Page (, an information portal for sheep and goat producers and anyone else interested in small ruminants. The site is privately owned. It was developed and is solely maintained by Susan Schoenian. Susan is an Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist at the University of Maryland's Western Maryland Research & Education Center in Keedysville. This home page has links that are mostly original to the site. Use the menu on the left to find links on specific topics. You can also use the search engine to find pages that contain the information you seek. Direct questions of inquiry to Susan Schoenian at

The Maryland Small Ruminant Page is being updated and redesigned. You can view the new web site (in-progress) at

New Stuff
Wild & Woolly Spring 2015 issue | PDF | ISSUU
[SlideShare] Disease and parasite control in small ruminants
[SlideShare] Tube feeding newborn lambs and kids
[YouTube] Pasture Management for Small Ruminant Producers

New Links
Kidding With Confidence is a Kidding Season Mentoring Program for Northeast Meat Goat Producers - Cornell University
Low Input Lambing & Kidding Guide is a Resource Guide for Managing Lambing and Kidding Without Sacrificing Animal Well Being - Cornell University

Quick Reference
2015 Calendar of Events
Ethnic holiday calendar 2015-2019
[PDF] Antibiotics for sheep and goats
[PDF] The internal parasites that affect sheep and goats
[PDF] Anthelmintics for sheep and goats
Optimal slaughter weight for lambs
[PDF] Coccidiostats for sheep and goats
[PDF] Topical insecticides for sheep and goats
References for sheep and goat producers
[PDF] Vaccines for sheep and goats
[PDF] Timeline for a ewe and her lambs (by Martha Polkey)

Small Ruminant InfoSheets & Articles
Comparing feed costs
Hydroponic fodder: is it a viable option for feeding sheep, goats, and other livestock?
Slowing drug resistance. Dewormer resistance is inevitable, but the rate by which it develops is not
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PowerPoint Presentations
Dealing with anthelmintic resistance in small ruminants
The Five Point CheckĀ©
Internal Parasite Update
Sheep & Goat Nutrition
More PowerPoint presentations @ Slideshare

Meat Goat Enterprise Budget
UME Meat Goat Ration Evaluator .xlsx | .xls
2013 UME Sheep Ration Evaluator
2013 Sample Sheep Budget
MORE . . .

Useful Forms
[PDF] Individual Ewe Record Sheet
[PDF] Barn Record Sheet (sheep)
[PDF] Individual Doe Record Sheet
[PDF] Barn Record Sheet (meat goat)

Program Proceedings
2002 Maryland Goat Conference
2005 Hair Sheep Workshop @ Virginia State University
2005 Lambing & Kidding School @ Carroll Community College
2009 Lambing & Kidding School in Waldorf, MD
2011 Lambing & Kidding School @ Chesapeake College
2013 American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control
2013 Lambing & Kidding School in Keedysville, MD

All of the links on this page were last verified May 2, 2015 . Please report broken links to Susan Schoenian at

Triplet Katadin lambs