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Articles and infosheets

These articles are original to this web site. Most are written by Susan Schoenian. They arranged alphabetically by topic: breeding and reproduction, carcass evaluation, feeding and nutrition, general topics, hair sheep, health and diseases, internal parasites, international experiences, management, marketing and economics, and youth. Articles and images may be reprinted with permission of the author. Use the menu on the left to find links on specific topics.

Breeding & Genetics
Crossbreeding for profit
Evaluating meat goat breeding stock
To breed or not to breed: breeding ewe lambs and doelings

Carcass Evaluation
2009 goat carcass evaluation | PDF
2010 goat carcass evaluation | data sheet (PDF)
2011 goat carcass comparison | data sheet (PDF)
2012 Pen vs. Pasture Study | carcass data (PDF)
2013 Pen vs. Pasture Study | carcass data (PDF)
2014 Pen vs. Pasture Study
Live and carcass evaluation of meat goats (Kerrville, Texas)

Feeding & Nutrition
Colostrum: "liquid gold"
Comparing feed costs
Coping with high feed costs
Creep feeding primer
General guidelines for feeding sheep and goats
Hydroponic fodder: is it a viable option for feeding sheep, goats, and other livestock?
Introduction to feeding small ruminants
Raising lambs and kids artificially
Ration balancing software for sheep and goats
The truth about feeding grain: feeding grain to small ruminants

General Topics
Healthy animals produce healthy food: antibiotic use in the sheep, goat, and livestock industry
Grassfed lamb and goat
Raising sheep and goats organically
Sheep and goats as pets

Hair Sheep
Hair sheep production and marketing
Perhaps you should consider hair sheep
An update on hair sheep in the U.S.

Health & Diseases
Abomasal bloat
CD-T vaccinations
Copper toxicity in sheep
Diarrhea (scours) in small ruminants
General health care of sheep and goats
Heat stress in sheep and goats
Infectious causes of abortion in ewes
Infectious keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye)
Mastitis in ewes and does
Milk fever strikes
Pregnancy toxemia in ewes and does
Rectal prolapses: a complex problem with many contributing factors
Soremouth (orf) in sheep and goats
An update on scrapie
Urinary calculi in sheep and goats
Vaccinating for overeating disease
Vaccinations for sheep and goat flocks
White muscle disease in sheep and goats

Internal Parasites
Coccidiosis: deadly scourge of young lambs and kids
Conflicting information about worm control
Diatomaceous Earth: a Review of the Scientific Literature
[PDF] Livestock parasitology 101
Meningeal worm (Paralaphostrongylus tenius)
Revisiting copper toxicity in sheep:
should you deworm with COWP's?

Slowing drug resistance. Dewormer resistance is inevitable, but the rate by which it develops is not
Tapeworms: problem or not?
Understanding anthelmintics

International Experiences
Back to the Islands: the British Virgin Islands
Barbados Blackbellies: a national treasure
A bright future: Kazakhstan revisited
Canarian goats and French sheep
Dairy goat production in China
A forgotten country: Moldova
Hair sheep production in the Caribbean
Judging sheep and goats in the Dominican Republic
[IMAGES] Memories of the USSR: my first trip abroad
Raising sheep in paradise: Trinidad and Tobago
Raising sheep in South Kazakhstan
Sheep and goat production in Egypt
Six months in Poland with a Maryland county agent
World Sheep Congress: a personal account

Composting dead sheep by David L. Greene
Disposing of dead goats by Mark J. Estienne
Docking, castrating, and disbudding | PDF
Efficient handling of meat goats
Getting ready for lambing and kidding
[PDF] Late gestation in ewes and does
Tail measuring device available
Weaning primer
The welfare of docking and castrating lambs
[IMAGE] Where to dock lambs

Marketing & Economics
Economics of raising meat goats and sheep | PDF
How a wool pool works: the Maryland Wool Pool
In defense of on-farm slaughter: legalities and discussion
Marketing claims for sheep and goat products
Producing and selling sheep and goats
to the ethnic markets
Tips for selling sheep and goats through public livestock auctions | PDF

Best management practices for youth market lamb projects
Maryland's tail docking policy: past, present,and future

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Rouge de l'Ouest rams
Rouge de l'Ouest rams at ram stud in France